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Secret Society of Soul Painters

Recently I posted my new video called Secret Society of Soul Painters. It was created as an experiment in using artificial neural network for generating visually interesting image sequences that would accompany my music. I used Linux based framework Torch and neural-style code by jcjohnson@Github (at this point I would also like to thank hughperkins@Github for his contributions to neural-style project).

Overall it took about a month to prepare a workflow, prepare source and style images, render out the frames and put them back together. I run into some problems with rendering, I described them on neural-style issues Github page. Also I could output only 720p in a final video due to limitations in GPU’s video memory I had available.

There appear to be some interest in more in-depth walkthrough of the process so I will try to deliver a video on that soon. [Edit: Here it is for anyone interested in the workflow]

Enjoy Secret Society of Soul Painters here.

Video was featured in articles on: Fusion.net, Fast Company, Design Taxi, Huffington Post, Prosthetic Knowledge. I very much appreciate this, thank you!

Hospitality Gdansk 2015 Competition

A competition for the opening act that would perform alongside London Elektricity and Netsky on Hospitality night in B90 club in Gdansk has been announced by Illegalbreaks. I mixed together some of my productions, including recent collab with Karo, and entered the competition. It seems that deadline is March 31st and then there will be public voting on Illegalbreaks Facebook profile until April 10th (I guess). The winning act will be announced on April 13th and will perform in B90 club on April 18th.

Check out competition site here.

You can listen to my entry here. Remember to drop a vote for whichever mix you fancy most!


Five Seasons Remix

I recently went to Tatra Mountains for the weekend. While hiking I love listening to Buzzin Fly vol.2 (as well as Ben Watt’s Essential Mix from 2005 where he showcased some of this material). So I took some pictures and decided to make a video remix of my favourite track from that mix, that is ‘Five Seasons‘ by Manoo and François A. I had just three days to shoot this thing and three more for post production and remixing. It might seem rushed, but that just the way it meant to be – inspired by a moment and done on the spot. Anyway, here’s the video, enjoy.

Five Seasons video


So it’s about time! I’ve just added a new track and a new video. I didn’t have any decent video camera recently, so I had to use my old Canon EOS instead. I took about 120000 (yes, 120 thousand, camera image counter cycled 12 times) photos. In the end I used about 40000 of them (three for each frame of the video). It took quite a lot of time and effort but it was really fun and I learned a lot about this kind of visual art. Check it out:

Verisimilitude video.

Dziewczyna W Kasztanowych Włosach

New sample-based tracks recorded during recent studio sessions are out on Soundcloud as ‘Dziewczyna W Kasztanowych Włosach‘. I just listened to some vinyls, sampled stuff, cut it and put drums and bass over the top, so naturally all the credits goes to the original composers and artists (all listed on Soundcloud set and under individual tracks). Also big thanks for sensational Weronika (yes, that beautiful model from the cover art), Bartek Wysocki (photographer) and, as usual, Mateusz Piankowski (design). Enjoy the tracks! Bless!

Dziewczyna W Kasztanowych Włosach

A1. Dziewczyna W Kasztanowych Włosach
A2. For The Record, I Love You
B1. Confessions At 0dB

The City EP available on Soundcloud

My new ‘The City EP‘ is now available on Soundcloud. A bit of dreamy electronica and a bit of punchy drum’n’bass to create this four track EP. Tracks are named after the very core values of eletronic music and rave culture: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It’s worth to keep them alive. Bless!

The City EP

A1. Peace Boulevard
A2. Love Avenue
B1. Unity Square
B2. Respect Street

Maneater remixed

While working on one 80’s flavored track for my new EP I decided to take a short brake and do something else for a moment. So I did this little drum’n’bass remix of ‘Maneater’ by Daryl Hall and John Oates. It’s definitely one of my favorite “new wavish” 80’s synth-pop tracks and the whole ‘H2O’ album (released in 1982) is just pure eightiees awesomeness. Give it a listen some time. ;-) Bless!

Hall and Oates – Maneater – Weather Anomaly Remix

Cloud Nine by Holly Drummond remixed

After remixing Alloise and making two other demo tracks in “acoustic pop to drum’n’bass” style I still felt like remixing one more. I found this acapella by scottish songwriter and singer Holly Drummond (shared for a remix competition) and I turned it into Drum’n’bass. You can listen to the remix on Soundcloud. Please check out Holly’s website, Facebook fanpage, follow her on Twitter and of course listen to her music.

Also you can get Holly’s new EP on iTunes and Amazon.

Holly Drummond – Cloud Nine – Weather Anomaly Remix

Alloise new single remix

Ukrainian, Kiev based, songwriter and singer Alloise released her new single ‘Love Me or Leave Me‘ on Firework Sound. She has also released an acapella for a remix competition. First of all, finally someone got the contest rules right. No popular voting means no popularity contest, no spam craze to get more votes and fair results. Jury consisting of Alloise herself and two other band members will simply pick their favorite remixes. Plain and simple. So I made my own remix of the song, you can listen to on PromoDJ that hosts the contest and on Soundcloud. I wanted to make a video remix as well but my track ended up being slightly above seven minutes long and the source video material was standard radio length so it didn’t make much sense without at least several additional shots matching the original.

Anyway, check out Alloise’s website, like her on Facebook, follow on Twitter and do all the other social media things you’d normally do. ;-) You can buy her music on iTunes and Amazon.

Alloise – Love Me Or Leave Me – Weather Anomaly Remix [ PromoDJ | Soundcloud ]

Videos for Heat Wave are up

Both videos for Heat Wave Part 1 and 2 are up on YouTube. Part 1 was recorded during Traffic Design 2012 street art festival in Gdynia. A lot of great works, changed this city in a good way. Part 2 was recorded during Fire and Rhythm Festival also in Gdynia. Some impressive fire shows there. Check them out aswell as video for ‘Stargazers On The Fucking Moon‘:

Heat Wave (Part 1)
Heat Wave (Part 2)
Stargazers On The Fucking Moon