Weather Anomaly is a passionate and ambitious producer from Gdynia, Poland. Dealing with wide variety of electronic music and always looking for new inspirations.

Right from his early years fascinated by music, especially electronic. Grew up with electronic sounds of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Enigma, Mike Oldfield and Marek Biliński among many others. Also the sounds of post punk new wave, 80’s synth pop and early electronic dance music were present, appreciated and highly influential. He considers many of the tracks from those days as timeless and everlasting. As a child he loved to play with an open reel tape recording machine, a turntable and any other audio device he could get his hands on. In an early primary school he attended piano lessons that gave him basics in music theory and basis for future musical development. Also during primary school he came across two albums that completely changed his view of electronic music and started the true passion in this direction. One of those albums was a collection of Jean Michel Jarre remixes ‘Odyssey Through Oxygene’ from 1998 (including remixes by Sunday Club, Resistance D, Takkyu Ishino, Claude Monnet and Apollo 440). It was the album that introduced him to the range of different variations and genres of electronic dance music, from house, through techno, to drum’n’bass. He was also introduced to the world of video visuals by a dedicated ArKaoss application included on the album. Second equally important album was ‘Vegas’, huge debut longplay by The Crystal Method duo released in 1997. Those two albums were the sparks that lit up his huge passion.

He used to play as a local DJ for several years, spinning vinyls with a wide range of electronic dance music (from classic house to nu-skul breakbeats). Eventually also touring Poland and spinning EDM in many different venues, meeting new people and having a great time. To this day he keeps his precious vinyl collection and still buys new vinyl records every now and then. From doing multi-level mash-ups and excessive work with Tascam X-9’s onboard samplers and Kaosspad, he moved to the Korg Electribe, Ableton Live and MIDI controllers. That was another artistic breakthrough. This new equipment allowed him much easier and more intuitively express sounds and ideas that he had in his mind. After that experience he knew that he wants to produce his own music, rather than mix records.

Musically he never restricts himself to a particular genre and he appreciates various kinds of music, not just electronic. Great inspiration for him are the sounds of classic roots reggae and dub, distinctive synth-pop of the ’80s (with the divine sounds of the Yamaha DX7, Roland D-50 and Korg M1), early soul and jazz, etc. He draws inspiration from each side of the musical spectrum. From Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra and Jefferson Airplane, and of course those mentioned earlier: Jarre, Vangelis, Enigma, or TCM, to the Iron Maiden, The Beatles and many others. He is also very inspired by unconventional artists who represent new cutting edge ideas, such as Scanner, Burial, Dub Fx and Genesis P-Orridge. In every music he is trying to find, understand and appreciate it’s style, character, artistry and depth.

His plans for the future generally he defined as: to make music and have fun while doing it. Although he knows that complete artistic fulfillment is impossible even in a lifetime he constantly continues to grow as a musician and a producer (with every new track he learns something new). He hopes to cooperate with others involved in art, not only sound but also with a visual or lyrical works. He is always open for cooperation with musicians playing all kinds of instruments and anyone interested in just jamming and having a good time.

He always tries to send a positive vibes. He is open to people, new projects, experiments and challenges. Sometimes he’s a bit of a lonely soul. He loves what he does and his passion is what drives him at every point in his life.