Alloise new single remix

Ukrainian, Kiev based, songwriter and singer Alloise released her new single ‘Love Me or Leave Me‘ on Firework Sound. She has also released an acapella for a remix competition. First of all, finally someone got the contest rules right. No popular voting means no popularity contest, no spam craze to get more votes and fair results. Jury consisting of Alloise herself and two other band members will simply pick their favorite remixes. Plain and simple. So I made my own remix of the song, you can listen to on PromoDJ that hosts the contest and on Soundcloud. I wanted to make a video remix as well but my track ended up being slightly above seven minutes long and the source video material was standard radio length so it didn’t make much sense without at least several additional shots matching the original.

Anyway, check out Alloise’s website, like her on Facebook, follow on Twitter and do all the other social media things you’d normally do. ;-) You can buy her music on iTunes and Amazon.

Alloise – Love Me Or Leave Me – Weather Anomaly Remix [ PromoDJ | Soundcloud ]