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Ableton/Soundcloud Beat The Clock competition

I entered the Ableton/SoundcloudBeat The Clock‘ remix competition. The point was to create a track in 24 hours using samples provided by M83, Nosaj Thing and Junior Boys and to incorporate crative techniques to get unique and interesting sound. Check out my submission and vote if you can! Good luck for everyone taking part! Bless!

Links to the remix: Soundcloud and Contest Page

Naimina available now on Soundcloud

I’ve just uploaded one of the older tracks that up until now existed only as a live session. I finally rendered and shared it so ‘Naimina‘ is now available on Soundcloud and YouTube. I used noise, sounds and voice samples from The Conet Projet. This is a really great collection of recordings dealing with numeric stations. The Conet Project sounds are shared under the Creative Commons licence so I share my track under this licence aswell. Keep listening to the AM transmissions!

Links: Naimina on Soundcloud and YouTube.


Lady N’s new single remix

First of all I have to say: I love Lady N. ;-) Last year I came across her 2010 LP ‘Time A Come‘ (Newschool Records) and for me that was one of the most listened albums of the year. Pure gold, five stars, whatever you call it. I was always more into roots, dub and jungle, than into dancehall but her tracks just blew my mind. If you haven’t heard about her yet please do check out her myspace, listen to her music and support. I can’t wait for her upcoming second album (to be released in 2012). Meanwhile her massive new singleReal Style‘ is out on Boomrush Productions and available to buy on Juno, iTunes and Amazon.

As for this track, I can hardly call it a remix. I just bought the original wave on Juno, dropped into Ableton, recorded several additional clips and just jammed around that track. Later on I put some additional fills on the recording and that’s it. Like I said the original on Darkfader Riddim (DJ Densen) is massive, I just wanted DnB rhythm on top. ;-) I didn’t have separate stems so please excuse some noises and clicks, couldn’t filter everything out, especially in the mid-range.


Boomrush Productions: Official Page | Soundcloud
Original TrackJuno | iTunes | Amazon
Lady N: MySpace | Facebook | Soundcloud | PromoDJ
DJ Densen: MySpace | Facebook | Soundcloud

You can listen to the remix on my Soundcloud or on the Multimedia subpage.

Keep da positive vibez! Bless people!

Thievery Corporation remix contest

I entered the Thievery Corporation remix contest held by the good people of Dubspot. My drum’n’bassy take on their awsome single ‘Culture of Fear‘ (with Mr Lif on tha mic) is now available to listen on my SoundCloud profile. Give it a listen and support if you like it (comments and feedback are very welcome). ;-) There is a lot of competition, at this point there are 112 remixes shared on the contest group, some of them are really outstandingly good. The competition closes tomorrow. Rest is waiting… ;-)